Explore: Dead Sea

September 18th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Dead Sea

Tips for Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan

We're all aware of this remarkable salty body of water, with its natural beauty and therapeutic qualities. The Dead Sea is an outstanding getaway destination, and Jordan is the ideal location for people who want to enjoy the water's features in peace, harmony, and quiet. The Dead Sea is officially the lowest point on Earth, at 423 metres below sea level, making it an even more fascinating spot to explore.

This body of water is below sea level and is the lowest spot on Earth accessible by road. It virtually glows a bright shade of turquoise, which stands out against the background's salt-encrusted rock ledges and bleak red rocks. The attractions in the Dead Sea region are around an hour's drive from Amman.

The mineral-rich water of the Dead Sea is well-known. Wellness enthusiasts believe the water has skin-healing powers. But don't expect to swim laps - the Dead Sea is so dense and sharp that all you can do is float on top of the water.

The Dead Sea can be reached via several routes, including Amman Beach. Spend more money and stay at one of the luxurious spa resorts on the Dead Sea's northeast coast. Private wading spaces and buckets of Dead Sea muck are usually provided. After soaking in this red-brown sludge, your skin will be softer.


The Dead Sea has an illustrious past extending back to the Hellenistic period. It has been portrayed in several biblical stories, including Noah's Ark; during the reign of the Romans and ancient Greeks, the Dead Sea had significance for monetary and military purposes. Despite its commercial importance, the sea was restricted to trade from 1453 until 1856, when the Treaty of Paris reopened.

Today, it is still a commercial hub and a valuable resource for local fishermen. With snorkelling, diving, and bathing activities, a trip to the Dead Sea is popular among both locals and tourists.


The Dead Sea has a spectacular location, bordering both Israel and Jordan. It runs along the Jordan Rift Valley for 67 kilometres and can be up to 18 kilometres wide. Both Israel and Jordan have numerous gorgeous beaches along the Dead Sea.

Jordan's beaches are in the northeast, near the hotel zone. Jordan's beaches are much quieter than those in Israel, making it an ideal escape for couples. With many tourist-friendly restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels, it is an excellent location for a Dead Sea vacation.


Going to the Dead Sea will take at least a week to enjoy the natural nature and beauty of the region. Visit in the spring or autumn for milder temps and fewer visitors.

HFmaot tip:Avoid getting Dead Sea water in your eyes at all costs. The tremendous salinity (10 times saltier than the ocean!) aches like hell.