An Adventurer’s Paradise: Camping In Wadi Rum, Jordan

October 20th 2023 in Explore
An Adventurer’s Paradise: Camping In Wadi Rum, Jordan

Complete Guide to Wadi Rum, Jordan

Glamping Pods in Wadi Rum Jordan

A spectacular desert landscape, Wadi Rum in Jordan is unlike any other place on Earth. In fact, the vast area is known as the “Valley of the Moon” and is often likened to Mars. Packed with exciting opportunities as well as fascinating formations and history to take in, here’s why we recommend utilising the Wadi Rum campsite for the ultimate adventure.

Wadi Rum Is A Place Like No Other

Perhaps a dream location for film buffs, there is a reason why so many have used Wadi Rum, Jordan as the landscape for Mars.

Stretching across almost 200,000 acres, the red desert has been featured in The Martian, Mission to Mars and many other Mars-based films. See how many locations you can spot while visiting!

Wide view of Wadi Rum

The landscape is hugely dramatic, with caverns, canyons, landscapes and towering mountains; truly a view that takes your breath away.

How has something so spectacular formed? Well, the process certainly isn’t a quick one! Over thousands of years, weathering, erosion and the natural evolution of the environment have created the Wadi Rum desert we all know today. Though it seems like something out of a mythical story, it is very much real and should definitely be added to your Jordan itinerary.

Camping In One Of Wadi Rum’s Campsites

A day trip isn’t enough to explore all of what Wadi Rum offers, so there are numerous opportunities to camp underneath the Jordan stars in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Wadi Rum Campsite At Night

Operated by the Bedouins who still live in the area as well as Petra, camping gives you the chance to see a whole new side to this extraordinary setting. Your camping guides will happily tell you historical stories about the area and the ancient civilisations that lived here. Perhaps the most authentic way to experience Jordanian food, sit around the campfire listening to traditional music whilst enjoying the cuisine.

Wadi Rump camping is suited to all kinds of campers. Offering very basic structures to luxurious glamping pods, your night underneath the stars will be nothing less than magical.

Jeep Tours Across The Wadi Rum Landscape

A more exciting way to explore the picturesque scenery than walking through it, you embark across the red desert at speed on a Jeep tour. Varying in length to suit your itinerary, the tours are chauffeured by one of the Bedouins who will take you to all the best spots across the desert.

Jeep parked in Wadi Rum

With direct routes to the best views to take in the scenery at its fullest, the most impressive formations and shaded areas to stop and rest, a Jeep tour is a fantastic way to embrace Wadi Rum.

Get up close to the Red Sand Dune, Khazli Canyon and the Mushroom Rock if you go on a full-day tour.

Other Ways To Explore The Red Desert

A Jeep isn’t your only option apart from walking. If you’re happy with a bumpy ride, then you can take an exhilarating ATV to see the sights, or even guided camel rides to really embrace the culture in Jordan.

If you’ve packed your walking boots and are ready for a challenge, then be ready to hike up the Wadi Rum mountains or even do some rock climbing on thousand-rear-old formations.

Whichever way you choose to explore the landscape, utilise the Wadi Rum campsites to have even more time in this spectacular place.

Ensure You Visit The Petroglyphs

Among the rock formations are thousands of petroglyphs, inscriptions and more giving detail to ancient language, thought and art.

Inscriptions at Wai Rum

There are 25,000 petroglyphs and 20,000 inscriptions across 154 archaeological sites that cover a huge range of time, using four scripts: Nabatean, Thamudic, Arabic and Islamic.

The drawings detail humans with weapons, such as bows and arrows, and animals local to Wadi Rum like camels, horses and more.

Giving insight into what life was like here thousands of years ago, the petroglyphs also signal climate change from the one mildly humid climate.

Get up close to these amazing drawings and let them take your breath away.

Even if you are trying out Wadi Rum camping, ensure you stay for the sunset. It’s likely you’ll never see another as beautiful as the golden rays turn to a purple hue across the red desert landscape.

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