Guide: What To Eat

July 17th 2023 in Explore
Guide: What To Eat

Top 7 Most Popular Foods in Jordan

Hummus & Falafel

Hummos, Foul, and Falafel are household staples throughout the world. This inexpensive vegetarian pleasure is eaten at any time of day. Still, it is most typically served for breakfast because it is high in protein from the many legumes that are the primary ingredient in many of these meals, with an infinite number of variations in the shape of tiny plates, platters, and sandwiches. If you have time, sit down and enjoy dipping with fresh bread and mixing the flavours. Alternatively, you can always go for a quick sandwich that will satisfy you.


These beef or chicken sandwiches are famous among Jordanians and across the Arab World. The spicy mixes used to modify the flavours of the sandwich are served wrapped, open-faced, stuffed, or on plates, with pickles or onions and unique sauces. If paired with the very similar Turkish Kebab and Greek Gyros, this may be the most popular sandwich in the world. Modern variations are beginning to incorporate fusion flavours from across the globe.


Because every meal is complete with dessert, Knafeh will stand out. A crispy baked pastry made of semolina or vermicelli noodles that have been baked and covered with a particular white cheese. When it has reached a crisp golden brown colour, it is turned and showered with a specific syrup before being dusted with pistachios to provide texture.


This is one of the rare Jordanian dishes that includes fish. The dish consists of fried fish served whole or sliced into pieces over a bed of hot rice, topped with crispy caramelised onions and a special spicy sauce to bring the flavours together.


This chicken meal, originally from Palestine, has a distinct flavour due to its seasoning marinade of the specific spice Summaq, onions, and high-quality olive oil indigenous to the region. It is served with traditional Taboun Bread, baked in stone-lined ovens and serves as an excellent vehicle for absorbing the full flavour.


Jordan's traditional signature meal, and a source of pride for all Jordanians as to who prepares the best Mansaf, a massive tray of white rice on paper-thin bread called "Shrak" topped with pull-apart lamb chops and drenched in Jameed, a unique sauce prepared from dried yoghurt.


This Bedouin speciality is slow-cooked in an underground pit for lengthy hours, giving it a distinct smokey flavour from the hardwood used to fuel the long-lasting embers. Most will have entire lamb, whole chicken, or parts of both, seasoned and marinated and served over veggies and rice.